Petropolis: Sound and lights show at the Imperial Palace

In my last post, I covered the Petropolis Imperial Palace.   When the sun goes down there is a one of a kind show, Som e Lu that you must see, so make sure you buy your tickets (R$20) ahead of time!  The 45 minute show takes place Thursday through Saturday and starts at 8pm, but I recommend heading over to the Palace around 730. Keep in mind the show is outside and will go on rain or shine, make sure you are dressed appropriately (it’s cold in the winter so bundle up!).  If it’s raining they will give you clear umbrellas so you can easily view the outdoor show (see them in the pic above).I didn’t know what to expect but standing in the garden watching the lights begin to flicker I could feel the excitement jolt throughout the audience.  Som e Luz is a choreographed play of sounds and lights (the only one of its kind in Brazil) half of it is displayed on the façade of the palace (below) and the other part is projected into a ‘water curtain’/ cascading water (above) so it looks like the movie is floating-very cool.  Basically, you will be rotating throughout the entire show watching different scenes on the facade and into the water.  It’s very cool to see, and a completely different way to learn about the history. I think more places should consider something like this if they want people to really pay attention, provides a bigger impact then just reading about it…

The soundtrack is narrated (in Portuguese) by famous Brazilian actor Paulo Autran highlighting moments from Emperor Pedro II’s reign including a gala ball when sisters Princesses Isabel and Leopoldina met their future husbands as well as when Princess Isabel abolished slavery in Brazil.  Check out some of the video footage:

Fight Scene:

Window Scene

If you are heading to Petropolis, you have to check this out- more videos to come so keep checking back!

Hours: Thur-Sat at 8 p.m.
Tickets: R$20

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