Looking for an easy hike in Rio? Try Parque Dois Irmãos

Since it was a beautiful morning instead of the gym I decided to hike up to Parque Dois Irmãos which is a partially up the Pico Dois Irmãos mountain at the end of Leblon (the 2 mountains you see in almost every picture of Rio). As you make your way up the steep winding street you will come upon the entrance and first ‘look out point’ (there are a bunch) within the park.  There are 2 memorials, the one below is general, while the other (a little further up) has all the names of the passengers of the Air France flight that crashed in 2009 after leaving Rio de Janeiro for Paris.If you are traveling to Rio, this hike/walk is really beautiful, and from the lookout points you can see views of Ipanema and Leblon beaches as well as Lagoa and Corcovado. The further up the mountain you go the more interesting things you will see! There are a number of good picnic spots, kids playgrounds, a pond and gardens; in short, it’s great for all ages. Note: If you aren’t much of a hiker or don’t have a lot of time you can drive part of the way up. Isn’t this an amazing view?! Right before I got to this point there was a small trail veering off towards Vidigal (the recently pacified favela) which gives you direct access into it, but I decided to continue my journey up. Check out some of the incredible views:

How to get there: At the end of Leblon, follow the street Rua Aperana (windy and steep road) and it will take you to the entrance of the park.  The hike itself takes about 30minutes but you can continue on and do a longer hike if you want.  Considering the great views over these famous spots it is surprising how few people are aware of this park… until now:)

I saw a ton of monkeys while I was on my way down, so check back tomorrow for the videos!

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