Vacation day on Reserva Beach

<img src="reserva beach.jpg" alt="reserva beach" /> Living in Leblon is great, but on the weekends it’s nice to mix things up, and catch some better waves so I have been heading out to Reserva Beach which is about 30 mins away (depending on traffic).  Located between Barra da Tijuca Beach and Recreio Beach, Reserva has a very long shoreline, and since you need a car to get there it is usually a more ‘quiet’ and less packed beach (read: relaxing). <img src="reserva beach.jpg" alt="reserva beach" /> My favorite part about hanging out on Reserva Beach: the little kiosk restaurants lining the beach serving snacks like pastels and french fries as well as sandwiches and full meals.  If you don’t feel like leaving the sand to sit in the restaurant area (below), you don’t have to! They offer ‘hotel style’service ie. just raise your hand to flag down the guy, he will take your order and deliver it to you at your chairs.  It’s great, you can place your order, catch a few waves and come in just as the guy is bringing you our lunch.<img src="reserva beach restaurant.jpg" alt="reserva beach restaurants" /> Not only is the service great but it is extremely affordable! For 3 waters, a coconut water, order of pastels, 2 sandwiches and chairs it cost us R$32 ($15) for an awesome day at the beach.  If you have a car in Rio and want to enjoy a real ‘vacation’ day, head out to Reserva.  What’s your favorite beach in Rio?

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