German biergarden and gastronomic complex in Teresopolis

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We are only half way through the year I have discovered 2 amazing beer breweries in Rio: Cervejaria Bohemia and Villa St Gallen (also known  Terezópolis Gold).  In the neighborhood of Alto in Teresopolis, you will find Villa St. Gallen, an incredible microbrewery-miniature town-gastronomic complex which is inspired by the architecture of southern Germany.  Seriously, you will completely forget you are in Brazil, even the waiters are dressed like German Beer Maids!<img src="villa-st-gallen.jpg" alt="Villa st gallen" />Vill St.Gallen includes a restaurant/bar, beer garden, microbrewery, lounge (with a pool table, darts, and games like checkers, backgammon and chess), gourmet shops, abbey and chapel.  Check out the menus shaped like a beer mug (for drinks), a pig and a duck (for savory dishes).<img src="menu at villa st gallen.jpg" alt="menu at villa st gallen" />How cool are these menus???  Obviously, being that there is a microbrewery and everyone is dressed like a beer maid, there are lots of beer options to choose from (including Brooklyn Lager!) And with so many good choices, I say ‘why not try them all’ and start with the beer tasting (below) which includes: Therezópolis Gold St. Gallen(paired with peanuts *my favorite), Weiss (paired with green olives), Red Ale (with dark chocolate) and Stout Porter (blue cheese).  After the tasting, ask for your next beer in the das boot (Beerfeststyle), everyone around me was drinking from it.

<img src="beer-tasting-villa-st-gallen.jpg" alt="Beer Tasting at Villa St Gallen" />With so many traditional German dishes to choose from, start with the sausage sampler with potato salad while you decide on your dish.<img src="sausage-tasting-villa-st-gallen.jpg" alt="Sausage tasting at Villa st Gallen" />We went with the roast beef accompanied by spatzle and potatoes. After your meal head outside to the Biergarten to enjoy some beers and shop around the ‘German’ town (below). There is a cheese shop selling my favorite cheeses from Cremerie Geneve, a fancy chocolate shop (Katz chocolates) and a souvenir store so you can pick up some beers, collectable glasses and of course your own das boot.  <img src="vlla-st-gallen.jpg" alt="Villa St Gallen" />You want to know more? Villa St Gallen also offers beer and cooking courses, an antiques fair on Sundays, live music (jazz, blues) on Weds/Thurs and of course 2-4-1 college night on Wednesday

<img src="biergarden-villa-st-gallen.jpg" alt="biergarden villa st gallen" />

Have you been to Villa St Gallen? What did you think??

Vila St. Gallen
Rua Augusto do Amaral Peixoto, nº 165 – Alto – Teresópolis

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