Best Italian restaurant in Itaipava: Farfarello’s

<img src="farfarellos-itaipava.jpg" alt="farfarellos itaipava" />If you are staying in Itaipava and in the mood for some delicious Italian food, drive over to Farfarello‘s about 10 mins from the center of town. Head down the longer drive way and you will see that from the outside Farfarell’s resembles a cozy little house surrounded by nature you might expect to see in the opening scenes of a movie. The setting and aroma will make you feel like you are sitting in your favorite Italian restaurant of all time(in my case Al Forno, Providence RI).<img src="farfarellos.jpg" alt="farfarellos" />

The owner of Farfarello Olympio Pimentel has been creating a variety of delicious and rich Italian dishes since opening in 1985.  LOTS of pasta’s and pizza’s to choose from as well as some interesting combinations.  Before you judge me, please know that I seriously debated making the order but at the end of the day, the fat kid in me won… I had the grilled beef WITH Fetticcini Bolognese, OMG it was delicious!  Way too much food for me to finish on my own, but wow it was awesome! Check out the baked pasta (below) yum!<img src="farfarello-pasta.jpg" alt="farafarllo pasta" />

Obviously I managed to save a little room for dessert and I am glad I did! We had the chocolate chocolate chip gelato with marshmallow fluff on top, and it was off the charts good.  If you like fluff and could even eat it on it’s own (I totally do) this is the dessert for you.  If you are in Itaipava and in the mood for some delicious Italian food, head over to Farfarello’s, you will thank me!<img src="farfarellos-dessert.jpg" alt="farfarellos dessert" />


Rd. Union Industries 13,470 Itaipava, RJ

Tel (24) 222-3120

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