Street art gallery A7MA in São Paulo

<img src="graffiti-a7ma.jpg" alt="Graffiti at A7MA" /> While in Sao Paulo, wandering the streets of Vila Magdalena on my self guided ‘graffiti tour’ I stumbled upon a true hidden gem: A gallery devoted to the street artists of Brazil A7MA .  It was the graffiti covered garage (above) that drew me across the street from Batman’s Alley entrance. As I was taking pictures the owner came out and said ‘ if I like what I was seeing on the outside, I should definitely see what he had inside his gallery’.<img src="graffiti-in-front-of-a7ma.jpg" alt="graffiti in front of a7ma" />

A7MA came out of a partnership between the artists of Collective 132 (Formed by Marina, Jerry Batista, and Marcus Enivo Ruggi CHE) and Fullhouse (Cristiano and Alexandre Enokawa), with the intention of being a space free to exchange ideas, new artists and exhibitions core of collective creation. 

The artwork was truly incredible, as someone who has a deep appreciation for art and in particular a love of street art I felt like I had hit the jackpot; a gallery I could easily spend some serious time in!  The space itself isn’t very large (its a small house) but every surface is covered with different drawings, sketches, paintings and sculptures; there is even a room in the back that has stacks of even more art that isn’t on display.  These are some of my favorite pieces:

Can’t wait to see what the next installation brings!

A7MA Rua Harmonia, 95, Vila Madalena – São Paulo – SP 

55 11 2361-7876

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