Favela party in Vidigal

If you suggest going to a party in a favela to a Brazilian the typical response is ‘no chance’ and then they will go on to tell you about being safe etc.  Since the pacification,things have changed, at least in some of the neighboring favelas and new party venues have sprung to life.  There is a monthly jazz party called the Maze, which has now become a tourist highlight and there are weekly parties in the favela Vidigal which is located between Leblon and São Conrado neighborhoods (see all those pretty twinkle lights in the pic above? That is Vidigal). My friends recommended I like the facebook group Ornitorrincozone which produces various events including Friday nights party in Vidigal; ‘Lamparia Ornitorricozone‘.  They have been going to parties in Vidigal for years now and I decided it was time for me to see what it was all about.  If you RSVP’d on facebook then it was only R$25 at the door, otherwise it was R$50 which I think is kind of pricey for a favela party, but once inside I was pleasantly surprised, and felt like I had discovered one of those cool underground or hidden clubs in New York (you know what I’m talking about).  The outdoor party space was split into 4 areas: 1. A ticket counter 2. beer/water bar area 3. Caipirinha bar 4. dance floor.

The space was very cool, even though it was packed it was still easy to find your friends, chill out for a dancing break, dance  and order a drink without having to fight your way to the bar. There was a light show, and a great list of dj’s playing a mix from old school favorites to samba (I had ‘you gotta lick it‘ stuck in my head the whole next day).  Guest DJ’s included: DJ LP (LUV / Radio Black), MPS – Maestros Track, SPARROW GABRIEL, LETÍCIA NOVAES, JÚLIO KINGS, and KELI FREITAS with Resident VJ: Mixelânea running the show.  It was a blast! And with all the ‘favela warning’ I had received, I was amazed to see so many people I knew there and felt completely safe (for those wondering there are Police situated at the entrance of Vidigal a short walk away). The party goes way past sunrise (check back) so I suggest taking a long nap before heading out as I didn’t make it home till 7am! 

How to get there: AV. President João Goulart 275. Job Workshop.  Get in Vidigal, follows straight on the main street, up the hill, has a curvão to right, then a left to the workshop is well on the curve to the left.

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    Wanna got too !!

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