Graffiti: Wynwood Walls Miami

IMG_0196If you are passionate about graffiti the way I am (or are looking for an incredible cultural experience) you must visit Miami‘s ‘open air art park’ ie The Wynwood Walls located in the Design District, conceived by Tony Goldman.  This is the largest area in the world dedicated to graffiti artists and muralists.  Artists have come from all over the world to claim the walls, alleys, garages, parking lots, doors and sidewalks of this now up and coming area.  I only had one afternoon there (sad face) but in reality you probably need about 3 full days to see everything since you will have to zig-zag your way through the entire neighborhood; it completely took my breath away. Since I don’t want to completely overwhelm and bombard you, here is a small sampling of some of my favorites.  Let me know if you want to see more (I took over 500 pics) and am happy to share!  FYI some great Brazilian artists in the mix, can you spot them?!

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<img src="ny2rio-graffiti.jpg" alt="NY2Rio graffiti" />

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