Day by day of Carnival 2013

bloco ipanemaPeople around Brazil spend the entire year getting ready and excited for Carnival, and for good reason.  Besides working to build the floats and costumes people are preparing themselves for 2+weeks of crazy partying which lets face it, it isn’t normal to be party hopping and dancing non stop 24/7 you actually do need to prepare yourself for it.  As a gym person you will notice that all of a sudden the gym is jam packed at all hours, its like those 3 weeks before spring break in college or the week after New Years; all the good looking people that have been hiding year round come out of the woodwork for carnaval!  Since this was my 3rd time attending Rio’s Carnaval, I knew what to expect from the blocos, but I will admit this year was even more insane then the past years as I managed to cram a lot into 5 days… Here we go!  Leblon blocoDay 1. We started off at the Leblon bloco (above) then made our way to the Ipanema bloco (top). Blocos take place in almost every area in Rio starting at 7am, there was a schedule posted of all the bloco times and locations so we were able to pick and choose the ones we wanted to go to. At least some sort of costume (even simple bunny ears) are a must during blocos and anything goes! You will see lots of men dressed like women, and people looking absolutely ridiculous… I decided to go with the ‘disguised angel’ (below) for the first day (like it or hate it?).  We ended up circling back and going to another few blocos in Leblon before calling it a day.angel or disguise

Day 2: This was by far the most action packed day I’ve ever experienced in my life! We started off at 9am in Centro’s Praça XV for Cordão do Boitatá’ which was  aHUGE bloco!!! It covered all of Centro and spilled into Flamengo and Gloria. The live music was fantastic as were the costumes, definitely worth waking up for! centro

centro2After Centro we headed to Ipanema for another bloco, check out the green girl below- now that’s dedication! It was so hot I am surprised her paint didn’t melt off! My green fairy (below) wasn’t as intense, it was just way too hot for the paint.

green girl 1

Green fairy

Stopped by a roof top barbeque then hit the beach to cool off for a bit before dancing at the Sambadromo.  Read all about it hereme jake derekWe finished the samba school parade at 2:30am, drove back to change and made it to Rio Music Conference at 3:30am for Richie Hawtin who spun insane techno beats till 6am at Marina da Gloria.  music conferenceThe party continued in the parking lot for a bit (super classy) as it was hard to get cabs.  After trying for a bit we ended up on the bus and turned our ride into a party of it’s own…I’m sure the other patrons on the bus were thrilled as we sang the samba school songs:)group shot at beachDay 3 Took a break on the beach before a pre morning bloco house party (yes people have these starting at 7am).  Then headed to  Sargento Pimenta bloco in Marina Gloria (below).  It was WAY too crowded, and it wasn’t worth fighting our way in so we hung out on the edges and enjoyed the music and people watching.  Sometimes it’s better to be on the outside of a bloco then in the middle of one.  You can read more about the Sargento Pimenta experience  here.  After blocos all day you want to do something different at night so…sargento pimentaWe headed to  Zero Zero  where there were 8 different dj’s spinning (R$100 for girls/ R$150 guys) continuing our dance party before capping off the night with some delicious pizza at Vezpa... which was interrupted by a Hip-Hop Bloco! Check out the VIDEO

devilDay 4 Started off with a bloco in Leblon which lasted most of the day, it was so much fun we decided not to leave (and it super convenient considering I live in Leblon).  What’s the best way to celebrate Mardi Gras? A costume party on TOP of Sugarloaf! Yes that’s right, the first mountain of Sugarloaf was transformed into a Mardi Gras party with a variety of different bars and 3 dance floors (Sorry New Orleans, you got nothing on this one!).  We took the cable car up, enjoying the breathtaking views of Rio de Janeiro.  The pavilion (below) had dj’s playing electronic music while putting on a light show; this one was particularly great because at the end of the night when the other 2 dance floors shut down, this one continued. The next dance floor we went to was the pit (below), a stadium style space with a dance floor/pit in the middle with dj’s playingcurrent hits and all of your college favorites (think Bon Jovi, Journey etc) no wonder I lost my voice! The final dance floor was outside, with dj’s playing a mix of top Brazilian songs and top 40mix, this was the perfect place to keep dancing when the ‘pit’ got too on sugarloaf

sugarloafCarnival 2013 was incredible!! A big thanks to everyone who was celebrating with me, and for those of you who have not been to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, it will take place February 28th until March 4th 2014 so START PLANNING!!

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    Love the coverage, and being able to live vicariously through your adventures! (Especially because you look WAY better in a bikini than I do!).

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      Aw thank you, glad you like the coverage! Very sweet of u to say;)

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