45 Years of Italian Design

Italian DesignAs part of my ‘cultural explorations’ I went to the 45 years of Italian Design exhibition at the Sao Paolo Museu da Casa Brasileira. The show which highlights the significance of Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro’s work for the Italian design identity ends on March 31st!  The Museu da Casa Brasileira, which gives the most important design award in Brazil, will use five rooms to display exhibits ranging from car designs and concepts to production models including the Volkswagen Golf Mk 1. Italdesign Aztec_1642 Of the research prototype vehicles which include the  Italdesign Aztec (1988), Volkswagen W12 Syncro (1997), Giugiaro Structura (1998),Giugiaro Vad.ho (2007), and the 1974 VW Golf I my favorite was the Italdesign Aztec (above). This research prototype was presented at the 1988 Turin Motor Show; a spider two-seater with a central transverse Audi Turbo engine and full time all-wheel drive designed by Italdesign.  The sheet metal body was open with two separate and symmetrical driver and passenger compartments (talk about taking driving school to a whole new level)!IMG_1648The inside hall is dedicated to industrial design, with exhibits including Nikon cameras, Okamura office chairs, San Bernardo mineral water bottles and a 1:10 scale model of the high speed train ETR 600 Frecciargento. There are several multimedia documents so that you can experience creative process and method of working that accompanies the design, from the initial sketch on paper to the serial production of the object in question.IMG_1659The last room you encounter is dedicated to car photography by Helmut Newton and Wayne Maser. As you can see below, it is quite provocative;)IMG_1667


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