Best lunch in Visconde de Maua

rosmarinusThere are some incredible restaurants in Visconde de Maua but if you are looking for a leisurely lunch or romantic dinner with that ‘at home’ atmosphere then you must try Rosmarinus which is on your way to Maringá.  I went to Tripp Lake Camp in Poland Maine and when I walked into Rosmarinus it reminded me of a combination of the ‘living room’ at camp and the Inn at Long Lake my parents used to stay at. It is very cozy, some antique items are scattered around the main room, a wine cellar and there is a fire place in the middle.  You will dine  overlooking the beautiful gardens and Black River (below). As you can see from the tent set up, it is also a great place for a private party (something to keep in mind).


Start with the couvert (6.50 per person below), which consists of homemade Foccacia, pickled garlic, grilled tomatoes/zucchini/eggplant (which is incredible) and a delicious soup. The wine list is comprised of about 50 labels of some major producers in South America and Europe, with emphasis on Italian wines.


Since Visconde de Maua is known for its trout there is a large selection of trout to choose from, sorry trout isn’t my thing but I have been told that Rosmarinus serves up some of the best and most inventive.  The pastas are made by hand at home, and pair wonderfully with whatever you order. I had the brisket (below) served with mixed grilled vegetables and pasta which was divine.

IMG_1940Social responsibility and sustainability is very important to the area and everyone does their part.  Rosmarinus puts all the leftover food into a compost and uses it later to supplement the soil to enrich the garden which produces some of the foods served. The packages are sent to recycling companies.  I think more restaurants in Brazil should be doing this.

How to get there: Is approximately 30 Km At the entrance of the Village Maua take your left, toward Maringá – Maromba, it is on the right side of the road, you will see signs for it

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