Most romantic restaurant in the state of Rio de Janeiro: Borbulha

BorabulhaLadies, if you are one of those girls like Mindy who hopes life will play out like  a romantic comedy… Borbulha (bubble) located in Minas Maringá  about 20 meters from the pedestrian bridge at Alameda Gastronomic Aunt Sofia; is a restaurant that will make all of your fairly tail romantic daydreams come to life, all you need to drag your special someone there:)  Dine under a candle lit tent or cozy inside surrounded by hearts, sweet love massages all over and the juke box playing one of their 5000 records (you can choose).  Don’t worry they have all of those super cheesy classic favorites like ‘you look wonderful tonight‘ to set the mood for your romantic dinner as you dine on meals and fondue made for 2.

Once you sit down and see the hearts covering almost all areas of your table from the curtains to the place setting (which says I want you my whole life next to me), all you will be able to say is ‘Awww’.  Most of the meals are made for two and perfect to share (seriously, everything about this place screams romance).  We decided to do the Fondue Complete which included cheese, beef and chocolate for dessert.  Before our meal arrived we received these adorable fondue skewer holder (above) that says ‘open your heart’ on the front and when you fully open it; it becomes a heart:)Fondue at Borbulha

The fondue was outstanding, probably one of the best meals I have had in Brazil!  Fondue Complete R$105: Start with the cheese fondue which comes with toasted cubes of bread and was a perfect appetizer size.  For the main course you receive beef to cook in a beef broth (not oil so it’s healthier) which has a hint of oriental flavoring in it that makes the beef taste incredible.  There are 6 types of sauces to accompany the beef: garlic, eggplant, jelly, chef special (best one), gorgonzola and gruyere (see above).  Since trout is a specialty of the region your meal also comes with a piece of grilled trout (which if you like trout is apparently very good). There is also a side of potato rosti which really rounds out the meal and it is incredible.

dessert at Borbulha

For dessert, chocolate fondue of course!  It comes with a bowl of fresh fruits and the pairing is divine, especially with so many different chocolate factories in the area.BorbulhaLet’s talk about music: There is a theme of music and the appreciation of vinyl records, as you can see on the tables in the picture above which was taken in the outside (under a tent) dining area.  As you can see from the picture below, each dish is named by a famous musician such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, John Lennon and more.

Menu at BorbulhaOn each of the tables there is a light with a famous musician figurine like Ciara as you can see below.  This is just one of the many musical souvenirs you can purchase to take with you as a reminder of your experience at Borbulha.  The lights with the figurine below costs R$40, there are half body (R$40) and full body (R$160) figurines as well as the table clothes and napkins.


For one of the most incredibly romantic dining experiences you could ever have, head to Borbulha in Maringá and you won’t regret it! I hope you and your loved one have wonderful time there!

Borbulha, Al Gastronomic Aunt Sofia, s / n. 6 km of land, Maringá-MG,  (24) 3387-1010 (Phone)

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