Alcantilado waterfalls in Visconde de Maua

I like outdoor adventure but normally I am not the one to suggest a place that 90% of what you will do involves connecting with nature/ hiking, so this was a first for me.  When you are in Visconde de Maua, you must visit the Cachoeiras do Alcantilado, a sequence of 9 waterfalls – ending in Alcantilado (see that white spot up in the mountains?? That is it!), one of the highlights of Maua. Pay the R$10 ($5) to enter and begin your 1.5 mile hike up which includes 9 waterfalls, caves, burros, birds, butterflies and the lushness of the forest. For those of you who aren’t avid hikers it is a reasonable hike, not too difficult so you will be able to enjoy it too!  Unfortunately due to the weather the Rapids of Alcantilado theme park for children and adults was closed:(  I definitely plan to go back as this park includes a zip line, tube rides, 4 wheelers and more. cachoeirinha
The first waterfall you will encounter is Cachoeirinha (which means little waterfall) and includes a swimming area so if you are hot, feel free to take a dip.poco da areia
The second waterfall (above) is Poco da Areiacach. do Acude
Third waterfall, Cachoiera do Acude.cach das muralhas
Fourth waterfall: Das Muralhas cach do lajeado
Fifth waterfall: do Lajeado
cach da toca do penhasco
Above: do Troca do Penhasco.  There is also a cave you can explore at this one Cach da Gruta do Granito
da Gruta do Granito waterfalls.  There is a bridge going across so you can get pics from both sides.
ALCANTILADO! You made it to the top!!! Check out the view:view out

How to get there: Leaving the Village of Viscount Maua, after the only petrol station in the area between the first right. Cross the bridge Gavea, turn right again. After 1 km you will find the viewpoint of Alcantilado. Over 2 km ä your left is the road that leads to waterfalls. Proceed over the bridge and over 500m will be at the entrance gate of the farm where the waterfalls are located.

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