Experience the Santa Clara Valley waterfalls

visconde de maua waterfall mapSince no one mentioned this when we planned our trip to Visconde de Maua... most roads ARE NOT PAVED and can be quite dangerous when it rains.  There are tons of holes, rocks and bumps in the road, if you are not driving a truck or car with 4 wheel drive it feels like you are actually on a roller coaster (or driving over a million potholes)..and not in a good way.  We were sliding all over the place ie you feel like you have zero control of your car, got stuck in the mud (for those of you who like My Cousin Vinny you can appreciate:)) and at one point in time started to actually roll down the mountain which was pretty scary and comical all at the same time.  Here are the waterfalls of Santa Clara Valley:Santa Clara FallsThe Santa Clara Valley in Visconde de Maua is known for its waterfalls, cozy inns and outdoor adventures.  How to get to the Santa Clara Valley: follow the road linking the Maua village to the village of Maromba Maringá. The waterfall of Santa Clara, one of the highest in Maua is about 50 feet high and is a popular spot for rappelling; which as you can see from the picture above makes sense. To reach the falls is easy, its a short downhill hike from the entrance of the Santa Clara Valley. For those of you intersted in just taking a dip, there is a clean natural pool at the bottom which is very refreshing:)<img src="veu-da-noiva.jpg" alt="veu da noiva" />Véu da Noiva waterfall is situated near the Escorrega waterfall, in the village Moramba. The waterfall is about 30 feet tall and there is a refreshing natural pool at its base. How to get there: The trail to the waterfall is near the entrance at the bottom of the National Park of.  This was definitely one of my favorites!

The Poção da Maromba is situated about 1000 meters above the village of Maromba, on the way to the waterfall Escorrega; there is a clear trail and sign so you can’t miss it.  It is a natural pool (about 7m deep) formed by the water from the 6ft waterfall off the Black River.  There is a large bolder above so if you are brave and like to cliff jump, here is your opportunity!  Additionally there are rocks dividing the pool which are fun to walk along. How to get to Poção da Maromba: drive down the road Maringá – Maromba, passing through the village of Maromba and follow the same road up the mountain.

Escorrega Waterfall (also known as ‘the slide’) is one of the most renowned sights of Visconde de Maua and region. As you can see from the pictures below, the falls are shaped like a ramp or slide which makes it fun to slide down and land in a natural pool. You can go by car or walk up (which is actually more of a hike since the road is unpaved with lots of rocks), on your way you will see a few stores (fyi you can’t take pics of them), lots of adorably inns and at the very top next to the falls there are 2 restaurants: Restaurant do Escorrega (check out the video), playing live music outside by the falls and Restaurant Biroska, a German restaurant serving fondues, pasta and of course trout.

How to get there: Drive down the road Maringá – Maromba, passing through the village of Maromba and follow the same road up the mountain.  Pass the Poção da Maromba and keep going up (it’s about 3 miles from the bottom).

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