My favorite places in NYC

Whenever I go to New York people ask me what I miss the most, what places I try to go to etc.  To make things easier for folks traveling from Brazil to NY, here are my favorite places / recommendations, keep in mind I try to cram all this into an 8 day trip!

CVSCVS or Duane Reade: I have an whole new appreciation for drugstores (which most American’s seriously take for granted!).  I am aware that there are tons of them throughout the city but when I got to NY I pop into every one I walk past.  I know it sounds a bit ridiculous but  just knowing that I am surrounded by anything/everything I could want in one place (not having to go to 8 different stores or brave Extra in Brazil) is such a wonderful and peaceful feeling I can’t help myself.

Russian baths:  Though I am from Rhode Island I have never been equip to handle the cold and there is no better place to get warm then the baths

Meatball Shoppe: A place that serves all different kinds of meatballs..awesome!! Make sure you get the  ice cream cookie sandwich for dessert, it is amazing16_handles.jpg__598x399_q85_crop_upscale

16 handles:  My go to snack when living in NY was fro-yo; while there are lots of fro-yo places in Brazil they are all tart (pinkberry style) which I personally don’t like, so finding a good sweet treat in Brazil that isn’t 100000 calories can be a challenge.  When I got to New York I have a cup from 16 at least once a day.  The place is amazing, great flavors and do it your self toppings, nothing beats it

Liquiteria: A friend got me hooked right before I moved to Brazil so now whenever I am in NY it has become one of the first places I stop at so I can start my trip off right (and not gain 1000lbs when I come to the city). FYI they just started selling mini ‘shots’ of lemon,cayenne and ginger to give you that extra energy boost.

Baked by Melissa: Perfectly tiny cupcakes that will satisfy your sweet craving

Whole Foods and Trader Joes: they speak for themselves!

Sushi Samba or Morimoto: The sushi in Sao Paulo is incredible but sometimes you just want the ‘americanized’ version, plus I can finally order edamame without having to pay a crazy amount at these two trendy sushi spots

Beechers Handmade Cheese or Murray’sGood cheese is very expensive in Brazil and can be hard to find, so I try to stock up at Murrays or dine at beechers wine cellar to get my cheesy fix09counter

Almond or Good:  Restaurants that are always good brunch, lunch and dinner
Barbounia or Essex: My favorite unlimited champagne brunch spots
Great Jones or Grey DogI have some friends that favor tequila… these are the two best places to cure your hang over
Rosa Mexicano: They try but for some reason Brazil can’t figure out how to make good guacamole
If you like going to cooking or tasting classes check out: Astor Wines, Institute of Culinary Education, Murry’s,and Artisanal
Since the city is always changing, new restaurants and bars pop up and close daily here are some sites to help you navigate the ‘new hot places to go’:
TimeOut- New York
nymag (sample sales)
Topbutton (sample sales)

Have a great trip!

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