Buffet ‘NY style brunch’ at PJ Clarks

PJ Clarks Brunch

After living in New York for 6 years I got very accustomed to having brunch with my friends on the weekends; sometimes even making a whole day of it!  When I moved to Rio I was disappointed to find that a good brunch was almost impossible to come by:/  Now that I am living in Sao Paulo, thankfully things have changed as they have picked up on this fabulous brunch trend here! Not only has Sao Paulo adapted to hosting brunch but many of my New York favorites have decided to join me in making the move.

Any one living in New York has been to PJ Clarks for after-work drinks or one of their awesome burgers so I was pleasantly surprised to discover there is one right by me in Sao Paulo! Yes PJ Clarks has the same menu and architecture as the one in New York, so if you are ‘missing  home’ eating here is the perfect fix (if you can’t hop on a plane).  Ok let’s talk about brunch.. As you can see from above, they put together a pretty impressive brunch buffet spread.  Starting at 12:30pm on Saturday and Sunday for only R$39 you can have unlimited amounts of from fresh fruits, salads, cheeses, breads, eggs, sausage, bacon plus visit the ‘do it yourself’ pancake/waffel and omelet stations!! It’s a lot of food (all very good), so go hungry or hung over, I’m sure this brunch buffet will satisfy whatever you are craving! Warning.. eating everything they offer might have you recovering on the couch for the rest of the day:)


PJ Clarks Rua Dr. Mário Ferraz, 568, SP

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