Graffiti: New updates to Sao Paulo’s ‘Batman’s Alley’

For those of you who haven’t heard of Batman’s Alley, it is an ever changing open-air rotating art gallery and one of my favorite areas to wander around:)  If this is your first time visiting my site or if you missed my previous posts on Batman’s Alley then I highly recommend reading post 1 and post 2  so you can really appreciate the updates and see the drastic changes to the space.  Here are the newest additions to Sao Paulo’s Batman’s Alley:

<img src="miss-van-sao-paulo.jpg" alt="Miss Van Sao Paulo" />


<img src="zumi.jpg" alt="zumi" />


<img src="ndrua-ninguem-dormi.jpg" alt="ndua ninguem dormi" />

Ndrua Ninguem Dormi

It is located on Rua Gonçalo Afonso, starting on Rua Harmonia

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