24 hours of uninterrupted cultural events: Virada cultural

Virada CulturalThis past weekend Sao Paulo held the 9th edition of Virada Culturalan annual cultural festival that goes on for 24 uninterrupted hours of free programing featuring 900 attractions on 25 different stages around the city. Most events occur in Centro but there are also events at museums and cultural centers around the city.  About 3 million people attend so you can imagine it is a bit of a shit show, but surprisingly it seems to work.  Events include musical performances, plays, concerts, stand-up comedy, ballet, street parties and more, basically a 24 hour ‘carnival’ celebration without the costumes:) Though it was a 24 hour extravaganza (that I normally would full on participate) I had some other commitments but was able to make it to see  George Clinton and the P Funk band with hip-hop duo Black Star , composed of Mos Def (now Yasiin Bey) and Talib Kweli , play an awesome set at 3am in the middle of centro (see above).  There were thousands of people but everyone was having a good time, no one bumping into each other, so it was a good experience.  I will say on the safety level, this is one of those events that you should keep your phones or cameras hidden and be careful with your belongings.   For the complete list of performers click here

The weekend also included the second edition of Chefs Street. Chefs from famous restaurants will sell their delicacies at popular prices. Participants: Jefferson Rueda, the Attimo, Raphael Despirite, Marcel, Dagoberto Torres, the Suri, Juliana Motter, the Brigadier Maria, Marcelo Pinheiro, the Tarsila and Janaina Rueda, Bar Owner of Oz.

I hope to make it to more of the events next year.  Did you go to Virada Cultura?! What did you think? Who was your favorite performer?

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