First Look: Barteco Sao Paulo’s newest cozinha e bar

<img src="Barteco-ny2rio.jpg" alt="Barteco NY2Rio" />There are tons of unique, delicious restaurants in Sao Paulo, however Barteco, the newest edition in Pinheiro‘s stands apart from the rest.  Set in a 3 story house with high ceilings, beautiful wood floors and artistic tiled walls.  You can sit inside, at the bar or outside under the heat lamps (it’s winter in Brazil right now ok!).  The food will blow you away but I recommend starting at the bar  located on the second level first…..<img src="barteco-ny2rio.jpg" alt="Barteco-ny2rio" />This is not your average bartender, Barteco has a true mixologist making creative and delicious concoctions with a nice kick to them (many of the drinks come with some spice!).  Since I couldn’t make up my mind (warning: everything looks good) we decided to do a bit of a tasting.  Best decision, when in doubt, try them all especially the unique caipirinha blends!  Top 3 favorite drinks: The Abdo (named after the partner), Diabinha (below) and the Saki with a blend of muddled tropical fruits (middle red drink below). Look at the size of those drinks, this guy means business!

<img src="barteco-ny2rio.jpg" alt="Barteco-ny2rio" />      <img src="barteco-ny2rio.jpg" alt="Barteco-ny2rio" />

While you are trying all these inventive drinks, snack on the couvert: home made potato crisps (R$5) and order some petiscos (R$14).  With Daniel Brum, former sous chef of Kaá in the kitchen you definitely won’t be eating ‘average bar food’, instead you can expect phenomenal fusion cuisine made with local ingredients at a reasonable price (yes you read that correctly!). The menu has a ‘New York’ style to it,  grouping the various items by price;  the most expensive dish being R$39 (so try as much as you can!)! Since I had the privilege of tasting a majority of the menu I feel it is only fair I share the full experience with you…. so here we go!

<img src="barteco-petiscoso.jpg" alt="barteco-petiscoso-ny2rio" />We started off with a selection of the petiscos (above) clockwise we have the bolinho de mandioca filled with carne seca (shredded beef), bolinho a gomes sa with bacalhau (codfish- Brazilian specialty), bolinho de arroz with beef ribs and finally my favorite the croquete de linguisa toscana (sausage) paired with their home made honey mustard is truly devine.  These smaller treats remind me of New York’s Stanton Social or Beauty and Essex, ie not your average tapas and each bite bursts with flavor.

<img src="barteco-ribs.jpg" alt="barteco-ribs-ny2rio" />For round 2 of petiscos we had the ribs (above) which are fall off the bone good and wings served with an alioli sauce (yum!). Sorry I wasn’t able to snap a pic of the wings, they were so delicious our plate was cleared pretty quickly (oops)!<img src="barteco-tunatartar.jpg" alt="barteco-tunatartarny2rio" />Now on to the main dishes.. Barteco’s take on the tuna tar tar (above) was such a wonderful light surprise (perfect for you ladies doing the ‘carb free’ thing during the week).  The tuna is lightly grilled on the bottom, small salad on top and the plate is drizzled in a soy sauce, ginger, honey and orange reduction making it very flavorful.  I can see this becoming my new lunch favorite.  I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the herb crusted fish of the day served with spaghetti made of hearts of palm- I apologize! This dish was fantastic, the fish is baked, the herbs pack in a nice punch and the ‘spaghetti’ was a wonderful surprise,  especially since I personally don’t like hearts of palm and I really liked this!

<img src="barteco-gnocchi.jpg" alt="Barteco-gnocchi" />The gnocchi (above) is made fresh daily and served in a beef rib bolognese sauce that is to die for; you can’t go wrong ordering this dish (I think my husband was disappointed he had to share!).  For our last main course we tried the Arroz de rabada; It is so incredible and completely melts in your mouth you will wish it was the ‘never-ending-dish’!   

<img src="barteco.jpg" alt="Barteco" />Obviously after trying all of the above dishes I was completely full, ready to curl up in a ball and pass out happy…but when told there was a dessert sampler, offering mini sized portion of each dessert on the menu, I just couldn’t say no! <img src="barteco-desserts.jpg" alt=" barteco-desserts" />
The dessert sampler for R$28 (clockwise) which includes: creme brule, crunchy pineapple and vanilla pastry served with ice cream, Toblerone mousse (a specialty of the owners wife and my personal favorite), a traditional mil folhas of dulce de leite and of course a mini petit gateau served warm with scrumptious gooey chocolate. As you can see, the sampling comes as perfect bite size morsels, perfect to share:) Barteco is the perfect package, I highly recommend you going for lunch, dinner or just drinks.. I know I can’t wait to go back!
Specials you should know about:
Late night menu: Everyday after 10pm,  there is a special late night menu for R$18 where the chef will create off menu dishes based on whatever fresh ingredients he has in the kitchen.
Executive Lunch: Served Tuesday – Friday from 12 – 3pm daily for R$29 which includes the couvert, house salad, and a dish of the day or main course option.

<img src="barteco.jpg" alt="Barteco" />

Daniel Abdo (Partner), Daniel Brum (chef)

Hours: Monday- close, Tuesday-Sunday lunch is served from 12-3,  re-opens for dinner 6-1130pm Tues-Thurs, Friday- open till midnight, Saturday noon-midnight and Sunday open from noon- 5pm.
****Big perk: Free wifi coming soon so you can have a delicious and productive working lunch
Barteco, Rua dos Pinheiros, 220 corner of Rua Conego Euginio Leite

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