Traveling to Sao Paulo for business? Recommended meeting spots

If you intend to conduct business in Brazil, there’s a good chance you’ll be going to São Paulo as it is by far Brazil’s most import business center in Brazil.  Almost every major industry in Brazil is based there (as well as most of the minor ones, too), and 15% of Brazil’s gross national product is generated in Sao Paulo. Since you are probably not traveling 10 hours from New York for just one meeting, here is a list of meeting/ remote working spots that will make your trip less stressful, now that you know about them:) FYI they all have wifi!Octavio CafeOctavio Cafe (above): Located on Faria Lima (where many of the financial firms and funds are based) Octavio is the ‘king’ of the business breakfast/coffee/lunch.  Every day of the week it is packed with suits and entrepreneurs taking business meetings or settling in to work remotely for the day (via the free wifi).  The service is speedy (there are actual buzzers on each table to grab your waiters attention), the seats are comfy and the food is decent.  It’s the perfect place for a power meeting, however as an investor you might know half the room so if you are looking to stay a little under the radar then this venue is not for you. Also, something to keep in mind- Octavio is ALWAYS packed so there might be a wait…Octavio Cafe, Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2996, Itaim

Starbucks: It’s America’s favorite and now Brazil’s as well! There are many throughout the city but the Starbucks on Rua Amauri is definitely a top spot for a business meeting.  You may wait a bit longer for your coffee but otherwise the experience compares to visiting to any Starbucks anywhere, which is to say, great. The crowd is a bit younger then Octavio’s with more entrepreneurs enjoying the free wifi; taking meetings on the outer deck or second floor which has a bunch of ‘tables for two’ and a couch section.  Starbucks, Rua Amauri, 286 Santo Grao ItaimSanto Grão (above): With locations in Itaim and Jardins it’s become quite popular for business meetings from breakfast/coffee to lunch/dinner/drinks.  Santo Grao offers the most variety and is probably your best option if you are having a breakfast/lunch or dinner meeting.  The food is pretty awesome, read more HERE. Plus, with some of the fastest wifi (you know it’s a huge perk) and plush leather chairs that you can easily sink into it’s an easy place to get work done and enjoy the environment… reading this I can see that I clearly I may spend too much time there! Santo Grao: Rua Oscar Freire 413, Jardim and Rua Jerônimo da Veiga, 179, ItaimTea connection Itaim

Tea Connection: New to the ‘business meeting’ / remote working scene.  It’s a ‘healthy spot’ serving hot tea varieties (I’ve tried almost all of them and they are delicious), salads, sandwiches and woks dishes.  For business purposes it’s a great spot for a meal or for when you are ‘in between’ as the wifi is great however the booths are extremely uncomfortable the longer you sit in them, and if you need to charge your ipod/ipad/iphone/comp you will need to be in a booth where all the outlets are.  FYI you will need a converter!  Tea Connection, Alameda Lorena, 1271, Jardim Paulista  and Rua João Cachoeira, 361 – Itaim Bibi

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FYI: Here are some tips for better coffee meetings

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