House party at Casa 92

Casa 92Amazing nightlife…something New York and São Paulo have in common! Like New York, whatever you are in the mood to do for the evening you can make it happen in São Paulo. From bars and clubs to concerts and street parties, to karaoke and after hours, Paulistas know how to party.  On Saturday for my friends birthday I went to Casa 92 an awesome spot that takes your average ‘house party’ to the next level.Casa 92
Casa 92 combines fun and comfort. The feeling of  hosting an awesome house party…and knowing you don’t have to clean up the mess after! Looks can be deceiving, from the outside, this orange house on Faria Lima looks very charming but a little small; once inside you will be shocked at how large and unique the space really is, there are tons of rooms!  Each room is very unique with different design which I guess could compare to a smaller and more indie/creative version of Casa Core.  
<img src="casa92.jpg" alt="Casa 92" />

Walk in, the first room feels like a cozy intimate living room with a fire place, couches, random art and bar (above).  In the back there is an external structure creating a winter garden with lots of twinkle lights hanging above (my favorite); this area turns into a dance floor around 1am.  There is also an outdoor garden and raised outdoor dance floor for those perfect nights where it’s not too hot or cold to be outside (see below)

<img src="casa92.jpg" alt="casa92" />Head upstairs and you will find a bar area playing awesome sing-a-long music (you know those songs you scream to when you’re drunk in college), and a pool table.  Forgot to get a mani/pedi, or are interested in having your hair and make up done? Don’t worry about it, you can do it in the balada!  There are specialists on site! See below.  Would you get your hair/ make up done at a club?

<img src="mani-casa92.jpg" alt="mani-casa92" />


Like fancy drinks? Casa 92 has a great list of exclusive creations by mixologist Marcelo Serrano, check out the new cocktail menu HERE . If you are looking for a unique balada experience in São Paulo, or for a fun place to party with your friends, check out Casa 92

Casa 92: Rua Gonçalves, 92

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    I thank for very sensitive and caring in your history,I always bother to provide comfort, joy and well being of my clients, treating people as part of the family! Thank you very much!! Xxx

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    la meilleure maison au Brésil !!!

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    Thank you for creating such an awesome place!! I can’t wait to go back!

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    Hi pgranoff.
    My name is Ida Feldman and I’m the press assessory from Casa 92.
    We would like to tell you how much we loved yr article.
    if you have an email ….

    My email is:

    Ida F.

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