Sunday food fair in Vila Madalena

<img src="Feirinha Gastronomica.jpg" alt="Feirinha Gastronomica" />Moment of truth… I am a bit of a picky eater (eek) but I am open and interested in trying new things which is why I’ve always been a big fan of going to ‘food fairs’, I mean, come on who doesn’t love a good food sampling?! These things are perfect for me because I discover foods I like, learn about restaurants I should visit and which ones I should steer clear of.  Besides Liberdade food fair which takes place every weekend serving the best asian cuisine there is the Sadia Feirinha Gastronomica that takes place in Vila Madalena every Sunday between 11am and 7pm.

The fair has become  part gourmet and part hippie with the addition of a crafts fair, the newest initiative of chef Daniel Narcisse and cultural producer Maurice Schuartz (the Street Chefs).  The fair is held in an open space half inside and part outside with stalls set up for various vendors, chefs, caterers, and restaurants serving dishes / items that range from R$5-R$15.  When I went 2 weeks ago the fair hosted the following restaurants: Kibes da dinda, Doci Marianna, Enrolados Brigaderia, Doces Mimos, Pamonha da Roca (amazing), Acaraje da Barra (pictured above), Linguicaria Paulistana, Las Chicas, Brotherz Gourmet, Chefs A&D, Vera Lucia, Pallas, Glaucia Zibordi, Lucas Corazza, Espetaria 341, La da Venda, Bike Cafe, Antonietta, Luiz Emanuel, Brasil na Rua and Flaneur Gastronomia.  Check out these churros! The one in the middle was filled with nutella…. it was amazing!!chirosAs you can see no matter what your taste is in food, there is something for everyone.  Since you know I have a sweet tooth, I must tell you that I was very impressed with the dessert options!  Restaurants/chefs change every week, if you’re hungry, can’t decide what you really want or want to sample some of Sao Paulo’s finest check out Sadia Feirinha Gastronomica

FYI: they limit the number of people inside so try to get there on the early side otherwise you could be standing in line for a while!

Rua Girassol 309, Vila Madalena

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