Dune buggy tour and Barra do Remedios adventure

<img src="ny2rio-dune-buggy.jpg" alt="ny2rio dune buggy" />If you haven’t taken a ride in a beach buggy, add it to your list of things to do!! It’s an absolute blast! To visit the breathtakingly beautiful beaches and dunes of Camocim, you must go by buggy!  Once you exit the small town, you will be cruising along areas of completely undisturbed beautiful beaches, flying by wind turbines that line the area where the dunes begin (below) and see a few sections of rustic beach restaurant barracas.
wind turbine

Before getting to our final destination, we stopped at the restaurant Peixe Vivo to place our lunch order. FYI since everything ‘takes a while’/ is at a much slower pace in the northeast, it is wise to order food ahead of time;  I mean would you be concerned with time or work if you lived in paradise? I don’t think so!! All of the beach restaurants are very relaxing; set in the sand with hammocks hanging all around and the fresh fish is delicious. Now on to the fun stuff….buggy

We passed through the following beaches that are only accessible by buggy: Praia de Maceio, Praia da Barrinha, Praia de Xavier and finally Barra do Remedios the beach and dunes I have been the most excited about seeing.  Ok it’s more like a giant sand bar with the dunes as the ‘beach’ part.. amazing!
sandbar2You have seen them in pictures or video but nothing is like seeing the dunes and secret beaches formed around them first hand, they are so much larger then I could have imagined them to be and they are completely untouched. In Barra do Remedios you are surrounded by stunning dunes and a sandbar beach with beautiful crystal water to splash around in (above).

Want to see how big the dunes really are?! Watch this short video, I look so tiny!

We were the only people there, so being able to see and explore by ourselves was a very cool experience. More pics below:

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