Where to stay in Cumbuco

Hotel ItacaIn order to experience all of the awesome places I will be telling you about in my upcoming posts you need to fly into Fortaleza.  From Fortaleza is a whole experience on its own (ie driving on the beach etc) so it is more fun to make the journey during the day.  If you can’t get a morning flight and want to kick off your vacation by the beach instead of in the city, get a transfer for about R$100 to Cumbuco which is a small fishing village about 25 kilometres from the city.  Hotel Itaca is about an hour and a half drive from Fortaleza, and located right on the beach.  The pousada is very charming; each room is a mini bungalow with outdoor showers.  ItacaThere is a nice pool area, outdoor gym, playground and restaurant.  The restaurant is outside by the pool and beach, try the pineapple stuffed with shrimp, it was delicious! shrimp As with all Brazilian hotels they serve a lovely buffet breakfast with fresh fruits and pastries.  Sorry this is a shorter post, I was only here for a night, I will be posting a full trip itinerary soon so keep checking back!  Arrange your transfer to pick you up around 8 or 9am so you can get your adventure started!

Hotel Itaca, Av. Tabuba Clambuco, 62 – Cumbuco – Caucaia  – CE, 61601-990

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