Dune driving from Cumbuco to Camocim (video)

crossing areaThe drive from Cumbuco  to Camocim is a very cool experience all on its own.  Hop in a 4×4 truck and hold on! If you have never driven down the beach in a giant 4×4 it feels like you are on one of those adventure park rides! We drove down the beach for a while, then cut through and drove through some very rustic small downs. The drive itself is about 5 hours. Around noon we stopped at Paulo’s Tavern, a popular restaurant in Acarau next to Tavern Aquapark  about 20mins drive from Ilha do Guajirú (a popular kiting area). <img src="taverna aquapark.jpg" alt="taverna aquapark" />  Personally when I think of restaurants at water parks; fast food/ junk food is what comes to mind, however this was not the case.  It was a very pleasant surprise, we had some amazing fresh grilled fish,and got to go down the water slide (I was definitely the only adult lol). 
<img src="taverna park.jpg" alt="taverna park" />

When we reached Guajiru our car was put on a raft to cross the water, check out the video below:

After the crossing we passed through Lagoinha (another cute beach town) and continued on the beach passing through miles of empty beautiful beach.  We passed this small beach cemetery (below), saw lots of donkeys and other dessert animals before entering the town of Camocim. Pic of the main square below.


Check back for where to stay in Camocim and to learn about all the cool adventures you can experience there!!

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