Parnaíba Delta tour + Dunes (awesome pics!)

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Amongst the many beautiful regions in the area, the Parnaíba Delta in Brazil’s northeastern state of Piauí ranks as one of the most spectacular. The Delta itself is unique in that it is the only one of its kind in the Americas, made up of 82 islands and 700 km of navegatable water systems.  The scenes of the Parnaíba Delta include rivers, mangrove forests, lakes, wildlife, islands and dunes; a true ecological paradise.  Many scientists actually consider it to be the most bio-diverse and spectacular sceneries of its kind. The national and state governments are keen to only promote the area as a location for ecotourism and sustainable real estate. <img src="Parnaíba River Delta.jpg" alt="Parnaíba River Delta" />

From Camocim, you must leave state of Seira and cross in to Piaui, (which takes about an hour).  Don’t be surprised if you see all sorts of animals walking along the roads like pigs, donkeys and cows! We drove through a number of very tiny colorful towns with the roads varying  from paved to cobble stone to unpaved.  I am a certified sailor but when discovering uncharted territory I prefer a motor boat so I can actually enjoy the experience instead of doing all the work! We hopped into our motor boat with a guide and got our tour started.. Here is a VIDEO so you can see how we were navigating through various river inlets.  During our journey through the delta we came across small islands, sandbars (we got stuck for a little bit), saw iguanas, crocodiles, woodpeckers and other animals native to the area. <img src="ny2rio-mangroves.jpg" alt="ny2rio-mangroves" />Zipping around through the mangroves (above) was a ton of fun, then when we reached a the shallow area near the dunes our guide dropped us off and said he would wait till we had our fill in the dunes.  As you can see (below) the water was very shallow, so we walked about a mile to get to the dunes across.

me in waterUnfortunately there wasn’t any water in the dunes (usually they fill during rain season but they had only light rain this year), it was still amazing to climb through and explore them, plus from standing on top of the dunes you can see where the salt and fresh water meet! Here are some of my favorite pics from the dunes:<img src="ny2rio-dunes.jpg" alt="ny2rio-dunes" />

After we played in the dunes, we walked back to the boat, took a different ‘canal’ back and stopped at Pousada e restaurant paraiso dos canarias for lunch.  Honestly, this hotel will make you feel like you are at the end of the world, it is so remote, feels like it is a step further from ‘off the beaten path’… it is completely isolated and surrounded by nature.  We had some delicious moqueca and some cold beers before heading back to the dock and taking the car back to Camocim.  If you are traveling to the northeast of Brazil, I highly recommend doing the delta tour, give Karen at Ozone Travel a call and she will help you organize the perfect trip!Photo Jul 22, 12 46 03 PM

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