Rustic paradise of Tatajuba

<img src="tatajuba.jpg" alt="tatajuba" />Tatajuba, is a small fishing village situated 25 km from Jericoacoara, in the municipality of Camocim.  This heavenly place is just beyond the beautiful dunes set in front of the crystal clear waters of the big lagoon called Lagoa di Torta is a place you MUST visit! It is a complete package of everything you would ever want on a tropical vacation:  It is a simple rustic paradise, with various beach restaurants serving fresh fish, over water hammocks to relax on, stand up paddle + kayaks to rent and even a zip line! You know how much I love zip lines so I was in my element:)

<img src="tatajuba.jpg" alt="tatajuba" />

Grab a seat at one of the water tables and wait for the waiter to ‘bring over’ your menu (Below).

Yes you guessed it, the menu consists of the fish they have available…in our case the options were shrimp, lobster, and two other fish native to the area.  We went with the lobster and our lunch was amazing; served with rice, beans, farofa and salsa.  For food and two large beers it cost R$120( US$54).<img src="tatajuba.jpg" alt="tatajuba" />Next up, Zip lining!!!! Check back for the videos:)

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