Zip lining in Tatajuba (video)

<img src="zip-line tatajuba.jpg" alt="zip-line tatajuba" />I am a sucker for zip lines; if I am traveling and find out that there is a zip-line near where ever I am staying, I will find a way to include it in our trip.  So… when we arrived in Tatajuba and I spotted something that looked like it could be a zip line across the lake and made it a mission to get myself over there and find out.  We rented a kayak (R$5) and paddled over to the other side of the lake (about 25 mins) what we found was a  make shift zip line that even I was questioning trying it (that questioning lasted about 10 seconds).  Look closely…it is a regular chair hooked into cables, you are not strapped in, simply hold on to the sides and jump when the guy at the top blows a whistle.

<img src="zip-line tatajuba.jpg" alt="zip-line tatajuba" />It was a pretty short ride, but a lot of fun, and only cost R$20 (US$9) for 3 rounds!  Check out the video below!

After Camocim, Ski Bunda and Tatajuba we made our way to Jericoacoara, please continue to follow my adventures, and if you enjoy hearing about them please like, share and comment:)

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