Where to stay in Jericoacoara: Vila Kalango

<img src="vila kalango.jpg" alt="vila kalango" /> Since Jericoacoara (known as Jeri) has become a touristic and popular ‘kite’ village there are lots of hotel options to choose from, but after visiting all of them, I have to say Vila Kalango, is the best!! Not only is the atmosphere and service fantastic but the location is perfectly central and makes anything you want to do very easy.  Located on the beach, next to sunset dune and only two short restaurant lined blocks from the center town.

<img src="vila kalango.jpg" alt="vila kalango" /> The hotel is divided into apartments, palafittes (above) and bungalows, all of them built with local materials. As you can see the decoration of the hotel is a combination of straw, red bricks of clay and beams.  We stayed in one of the palafitas, located on the 2nd floor and include a front porch with hammock, table and chairs and a back porch with another hammock (no fighting over who gets the hammock:))! Inside you will find a queen size bed and 2 smaller beds/ couches in the front area so you could stay here as a family or spread out however you want.  The view is the exquisite Sunset Dune where you can catch an unforgettable sunset (read more here).

<img src="vila-kalango.jpg" alt="Vila Kalango" />

Vila Kalango exudes relaxation and that amazing ‘I’m on vacation‘ feeling.  There is a beautiful 19 meter long pool (above), with an ocean view and lots of hammocks and day beds scattered throughout the property so you can lay down and let time pass without thinking about anything except enjoying the extraordinary peace and calmness you will find here.<img src="vila kalango.jpg" alt="vila kalango" />

As you can see above there is a ‘play area’ which includes a pool table, chess, checkers, swinging chairs and other board games.  After you watch the sunset, grab a drink from one of the guys on the beach and play some games before heading to dinner. <img src="vila kalango.jpg" alt="vila kalango" />

The hotel serves a wonderful traditional Brazilian buffet breakfast (meats, cheeses, breads, cakes, fresh fruits, granola/yogurt) plus they will make you eggs, omelets, waffles, tapioca and crepes with whatever fixings you want. The bar is really relaxing (above) and makes some great drinks but to be honest the lunch/dinner menu was the most expensive we saw in all of Jeri, just something to keep in mind.
<img src="vila kalango.jpg" alt="vila kalango" />

During the day the hotel can help you set up various dune tours, ski bunda, a visit to Tatajuba and access to kiting, surfing, stand up paddle and kayaking equipment plus lessons if you want.  Stay tuned for more info about their other beach front escape!

Vila Kalango, Rua das Dunas,30 – Jijoca de Jericoacoara–CE 

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