Best restaurant in Jericoacoara: Tamarindo

<img src="tamarindo.jpg" alt="tamarindo" />

There are many great restaurants in Jeri but I must say Restaurant Tamarindo is the best.  Located right next to the main square and situated under the shadow of a giant tamarind tree you are in for a magical evening.  The outdoor garden area is lovely and since the floor is made of sand I guarantee you will be smiling the entire time you are dining here.  When you walk in you will see a large showcase filled with various handcrafted items from Ceará. tamarindoEvery area of this restaurant is special.  In the outdoor garden area the lamps twinkle along the branches of massive tamarind and fall on each table, creating an intimate atmosphere, surrounded by nature. Inside, has a completely different twist with art, and funky lamps of all shapes and sizes, plus little candles kiss each area of the room.

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