Pedra Furada Jericoacoara

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About a 45 minute trek (4 kilometers) from the town center of Jericoacoara (jeri) you will find Pedra Furada (the holed stone) which is considered the postcard of Ceará!  Sculpted by nature through the waves, it is the symbol that characterizes the famous beach, now internationally known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  It is forbidden to climb the rock or degrade any area around it.  If you go during low tide you can see some natural pools form full of colorful fish and it is breath taking to see the sunset in this spot if you don’t mind the crowd.  If walking 4 k seems like a lot to you, there are vendors selling coconut water, sodas and cold beers along the way:)me padre fundar

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    It looks beautiful!

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