Where to stay in Icaraizinho: Villa Mango

Vila MangoFrom Jericoacoara it is about a 2 hour drive to Icaraizinho, another small fishing village famous for kite surfing. When I say very small, I mean you won’t see many other people for miles as it is very remote.  We stayed at Villa Mango, a charming hotel that completely integrates you with the beauty of its surroundings.  In constant search of sustainability, VillaMango makes use of recycling bins, appliances that are efficient in their use of water and electricity, ecological drains in baths and renewable energy sources – such as heating water through solar energy.bungalowKeeping with the eco-friendly trend, you must stay in one of the bungalows,  built with certified wood and eucalyptus trees from a reforestation program – are set on stilts, designed to provide a natural wind flow. bed

As you can see below, inside the bungalow is very spacious and comfortable. Each bungalow has a front porch area with a hamock and chairs so you can sway in the breeze and relax.  On the other side, is a private jacuzzi (below) shielded by a curtain to give you the privacy you need.  As you can imagine, this is the best part of the bungalow! jacuzzi

That and of course having a window with a view like this:room view

Unfortunately we had to stay in one of the apartments for one night…. the apartment area has it’s own private pool however the room is very small and in general not a lot of space so if you are going to stay at Villa Mango, make sure you book a bungalow.beach view

The hotel property is completely with everything you want on a vacation. There is a lovely gazebo on the beach front where you can lay out, a pool with Jacuzzi and bar service, and the restaurant headed by chef LiLi Hollanda which is outstanding.  You MUST try the thin crust pizza, hands down one of the best pizza’s I’ve had! For breakfast there is a lovely traditional Brazilian buffet set up and you can order crepes, tapioca or omelets if you like.  Since the hotel is so remote we only ate at the hotel which was fine by me since the food was so delicious. cartwheel

If you are active, and especially like kite surfing, Villa Mango is the place for you!  The Mango Kite Club can provide you with everything you need from equipment, lockers, townwind trips, advanced and beginner classes (for those that want to learn).  The hotel is located in the windy section of Icaraizinho Bay perfect for kiting.  If you aren’t up for kiting they offer standup paddle, kayaks and windsurf equipment.  If you need a break from the water, play a few rounds of squash (something you don’t see much of in Brazil), grab a bike and head down the 6km beach at low tide…it is a lot of fun but warning you with the wind it is way more of a workout then we were expecting!!

cool treeOverall, Villa Mango is a beautiful hotel located in a very relaxing place, however if you aren’t kiting or planning a shorter trip to the northeast it might not be worth it, just something to keep in mind.  If you are kiting, then this hotel is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation for your trip. If you are planning an ‘upscale kite trip’ I recommend staying at Rancho do Peixe then Villa Mango!

Villa Mango.  Lagoa Verde, S/N, Amontada, State of Ceara 62.545-000, Brazil

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