Best Bread in Sao Paulo: Mr Baker

Mr BakerI don’t say this about many restaurants but Sao Paulo’s Mr Baker is hands down one of the best all around restaurants in the city.  Located in Itaim, this bakery is always packed and there aren’t many places to sit so either plan on getting it to go or be prepared to wait for a table… trust me it is worth the wait! Breakfast, lunch,dinner or brunch they are serving all sorts of delicious breads made daily, sandwiches, pizzas, fresh smoothies and juices.  Their focaccia is so good it can be a stand alone snack; there are too kinds: the original which doesn’t even need olive oil to make it taste good or the savory which changes daily but is usually a combination of cheese and vegetables. It will turn your sandwich from good to out of this world good, and there are lots of different sandwiches to choose from.Mr BakerIf you are in the mood for something a bit sweeter, the ‘pain do chocolate’ is the best in Sao Paulo! This is definitely a messy treat so keep that in mind if you were thinking of eating one of these bad boys on the run.  It is meant to be savored and enjoyed, when you cut into it warm chocolate oozes out, this is not your average chocolate croissant! This is melt in your mouth good and I consider it a weekly treat.
mr baker

If you are craving a sandwich, or a breakfast treat head over to Mr Baker and I promise you will leave satisfied!

Mr Baker, Rua Pedroso Alvarenga, 655, Itaim Bibi,  Sao Paulo

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