Church of Gold: Our Lady of Mount Caramel

I studied art history in college and have always had a soft spot when it came exploring churches.  I think they are incredibly interesting, so much rich history and incredible artwork/ architecture in one place that I feel I have to share them. 

The Carmo Church dates back to the original chapel of the nearby Convento do Carmo, one of the oldest city (16th century). In 1590 the Carmelites donated a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of O. The façade was completed only around 1822 by Pedro Alexandre Cavroé, which gave the building a large pediment in classic style.

It is the interior decor that will have your mouth drop! A magnificent gilded garb of rococo covers the main chapel, side chapels, nave and ceiling. The carvings were done in 1785 by sculptor Ignatius Ferreira Pinto (one of the greatest artists of colonial Rio de Janeiro). As you can see the contrast between the golden and white backgrounds is so elegant and illuminates the chapel. The detailed gold carving is absolutely stunning! Sort of reminds me of Bernini’s Baldachin over the High Altar of St. Peter’s (my fav).   


The paintings allude to episodes of the sacred order, painted by Angelo Clerici. 

Great way to spend a rainy day downtown Rio

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