Morro de Sao Paul: How To Get There & What To Bring

Morro de São Paulo is one of 5 villages of the island Tinharé in Bahia Brazil (off the coast of Salvador).  There are only 2 ways to get to the island:  By boat or a quick 30 min flight.  Believe me, it is a beautiful and fun island to it is worth the additional travel, just make sure you check the weather!

There is a ‘fast’ boat that gets you there in about 2 hours and a regular ferry that takes about 2.5-3 hours (if you have ever been to Capri the ‘fast one’ is like the hydrofoil) it is really easy and provides a great view of Salvador (shown below). Tip: If you get sea sick, bring seabands!  Flights book up fast and getting off the wait list rarely happens so if you are dead set on flying- book it early!

Packing: Cars are forbidden on Morro de São Paulo so leave your nice shoes and fancy outfits at home!  Most of the streets are made of sand, and on this laid back  tropical island a lot of the restaurants are actually scattered on the beach.  To be honest, you will be in a bathing suit 95% of time, and don’t worry there are TONS of bathing suit stores if you need to pick one up.

You will see ‘Taxi drivers’ along the main ‘roads’… ie men with wheel barrels that will carry your stuff down to your hotel for you (see below).  The only method of motorized transportation on the island is by tractor, which carries passengers to other distant beaches or hotels which are further away.

IF IT RAINS WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO LEAVE: I’ll put it nicely and say that you are ‘in for an adventure’!  It rains all time in Brazil and yet it is completely shocking to me that no one knows how to handle the rain- It is just like when it snows in DC,  the city shuts down, school is cancelled etc…rain has the same effect here.  It started pouring which meant that our flight was cancelled…. Then we found out that the ferry was cancelled too…. So what do you do when the only 2 forms of transportation are shut down? Make your way to the dock and hop on a boat to Valencia (hour away), from there, get on a bus ( 3 hours) to the furthest tip of Tinharé and from there get on another boat (1 hour) to Salvador….. Yea, it’s an adventure all right.


The island is absolutely beautiful, if you are going to Salvador I highly recommend you make the trip over to Morro de Sao Paulo! It is a really fun place to spend a long weekend, just check the weather and plan ahead…. Check back for more posts on the awesome adventures, activities and restaurants in Morro de Sao Paulo!



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