TIROLEZA ‘Zipline’ in Morro de Sao Paulo

The small beautiful island of Morro de São Paolo, boasts gorgeous beaches, snorkeling in natural pools…and the 340 metre-long Tiroleza (zip line) from a lighthouse into the sea at Primeira Praia (First Beach).

It is a beautiful climb to the top of the hill (see above), actually feels like you are on a ‘hike’ for those of you that live in the city;)  Once you reach the top there are scenic views of the island to admire as well as the beautiful lighthouse.

When you arrive there is someone at the top that straps you in.  If you went to a summer camp that  had a ropes course with a ‘zip line’ you know the drill, but I have to admit this one is much cooler than the one at camp! Once you are all  strapped in (see below) the man will walk you over to the Tiroleza, and send you on your way off the cliff,  don’t worry someone is waiting to catch you in the water down below. I will admit it, I was a bit scared at first, you know that whole idea of just jumping off a cliff thing (FYI if you need a push- guy is happy to give you that extra nudge)…  Once I was off the hill and making  my way down into the ocean  I just wanted to do it over and over again! It is SO much fun!! The activity of going down itself  is truly amazing, and the view is spectacular! I would do it again over and over again!! NOTE: After you pay and go 2 times, you can go as many times as you want for free!

Of course you want to document your ride down the Tiroleza and the man at the top knows this.   He was happy to film or take pictures as I went on my ‘ride’ down.  Don’t worry, you will get whatever you hiked up there with back without having to hike back up! My belongings were placed in a plastic bag attached to one of the cables(that floated our things to the beach) and sent after me which I thought was great and super convenient:)  FYI- Best time to go is sunset, such a beautiful view!!

Check out MY trip down the Tiroleza! Tiroleza produced by Pamela Granoff on WellcomeMat

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