Adventure park in Campos do Jordao: Tarundu

signLike Hansel & Gretel following breadcrumbs you must follow the tiny colorful signs to find Tarundu, a massive adventure activity park in Campos do Jordao.  If you like games, outdoors, sports and activities then you will LOVE this place (yes it is great for kids, but it is fun no matter how old or young you are!).  Activities include: Paintball, horse back riding, donkey rides, 2 different ropes courses, 4 different zip lines, car racing, orbit ball (you go inside a giant ball and roll down the hill like a hamster), water ball (walk on water), ice skating, trampoline room, archery, mini golf, kids space, rock climbing, and high fly trampoline.  Yes Tarundu is awesome!!

view from above

Thanks to spending 9 summers at Tripp Lake Camp, I was more than prepared for the ropes course! Check it out:


Started off with a little rock climbing…


IMG_1567 Then onto the real course which consisted of 8 obstacles from walking on a tight rope to crawling across suspended swinging logs etc:

IMG_1569 IMG_1568 After you get through the various obstacle courses….. It’s zip-line time! There are 4 zip lines total!

Zip Line!!

Zip Line!!

Now, let’s talk costs… every activity that is offered has a different cost and it can add up pretty quickly. I recommend getting one of the  ‘Passport’ options like the Super passport where you pay R$199 up front and get to use R$539 for all activities (which is a 63% discount) or Passport 1: you pay R$99 and get to use R$189 (45% discount) or Passport 2: you pay R$79 and get to use R$169 (53% discount).  Remember to stretch before you go and have a blast acting like a kid again!

Tarundu, Av. José A Manso, 1515, Campos do Jordão – SP, 12460-000

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