The fanciest gym I’ve ever seen..

btAs many of you are aware I am a bit of a work out nut.  When I first moved to Sao Paulo I ‘tested’ / visited every gym that was in close proximity to my apartment, after comparing prices (I am price conscious) and distance (I don’t feel like schlepping around at 6am), I settled on Smartfit since it was relatively close and super cheap for a gym in Brazil (one time R$200 joining fee then R$69 a month!).  Bodytech is by far one of the nicest (and most expensive) gym chains in Brazil. When I lived in Rio I briefly worked out at Bodytech and with a corporate discount it was R$275 a month, normal membership runs between R$350 and R$600 (insane right?!?)bodytech_shopping_iguatemi_sao_paulo__medium_4x3Yesterday my friend gave me a tour of the most exclusive Bodytech, which is located on the 9th floor of Shopping Iguatemi in São Paulo next to one of the most high end salons StudioW.   It is so exclusive that even if you are a member of Bodytech with access to all locations, it doesn’t include this one! You can’t even get a guest pass, but then again if you are paying the steep R$900 a month to join I can understand you wanting to keep out the riff raff.


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Cross fit

As you can imagine, in true “Brazilian fashion” it was created under the concept of exclusivity and personalized service with room for only 1200 members in a space of 2100 m² divided between glass rooms, lots of glass! Architecturally designed by Isay Weinfeld this is the most impressive and aesthetically pleasing gym I have ever stepped foot in (and I’ve been to a lot of gyms). With a staggering $17 million invested in the project the space is comprised of the newest high-end machines, weights, and everything else you could possibly imagine in a gym.

Rowing room

Rowing room

Besides a nice selection of cardio machines (including 4 steppers – something hard to find in Brazil) you will find: treadmills that connect to the internet individually (so you can work and get your run in at the same time), a running class room,  several weight areas, a cross fit section, a full Pilates studio overlooking Jardim Europa (ie Central Park style view), spinning room (with flashing colored lights and a crazy sound system), 2 ‘class’ rooms for dance/ hip hop etc,a ‘meditation room’ and the only ‘rowing room’ in Latin America.
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Ok enough about the equipment; what else does this pricey membership get you? Snacks (granola bars/ protein etc), waters, flavored wipes in the dressing room. In the changing rooms, individual suites with shower, toilet and vanity are meant to answer those who prefer privacy when to change (for those of you reading this in the US, could you imagine privacy in the locker room?!?).  And of course for the ladies… a full make up room with EVERYTHING you could need to get ready for your day or a full evening out, seriously very impressive.   While the perks are one of a kind and the gym itself is pretty ridiculous (in a good way) I personally can’t fathom spending R$900 a month at the gym, but glad I got the tour. 

Bodytech,  9th floor of Shopping Iguatemi in São Paulo

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    It is outrageous how pricey gyms are in Brazil. My gym in Vila Mariana is nice and I feel lucky to pay around R$ 200.

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