Boat trip in Ubatuba

2013-12-24 13.52.04Ubatuba has 19 beautiful islands and over 100 beaches so one of the best ways to see them is obviously by boat.  If you can arrange a boat trip while you are there it is well worth it! Our first stop was Ilha das Couves which offers some of the best snorkeling. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_2015It is divided into two small beaches, so you can either do a mini hike through the woods to get to the second beach where there is a small restaurant or you can swim it.  Since I am not a distance swimmer like my husband, I did the mini hike back to the first beach and then swam back to the boat while he swam the whole way!2013-12-24 12.44.07
Our second stop was Ilha dos Porcos (island of the pig) which has a beautiful house on it (above) that belongs to a doctor in Sao Paulo. Though it looks like it would be a private beach/island the beach area is public. Handstand time:)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
For our last stop we stopped and had lunch at Praia Almeda,which is one of the more lively and family friendly beaches with restaurants lining the entire beach.  We had lunch at Restaurant Caju (below);  make sure u try the caju and lemon caipi as it is their specialty and it’s delicious!  The food is standard beach front dining so expect lots of fish or traditional Brazilian snacks (pastels etc).  We had chicken, fries, rise, beans, caipis, large beer and water which cost us R$120 ($50 US) which isn’t bad considering we had a ton of food.2013-12-24 15.24.27
Then sailed back to Picinguaba hotel, if you look closely at the picture below you can see the hotel! Overall it was a fantastic trip, the hotel had the boat packed with fresh fruits, towels and snorkel equipment so all we had to do was show up! Have a great trip!
2013-12-24 11.04.26
When we arrived back on shore, this is what we saw….. so cute right?!2013-12-24 16.28.09

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