Best Pizza in Ilhabela

2013-12-28 22.58.46There are a number of pizza places in Ilhabela but if you want amazing pizza and a beautiful atmosphere you must go to Pizzeria Mozzarello, located in Vila the town center of Ilhabela.  Once you enter through the large doors you will be pleasantly surprised at how lovely the garden lights up via candle light (above).  2013-12-28 21.54.45There are a number of pizza’s to choose from and if you can’t decide, don’t worry you can try up to 3 different types of pizza! I love places that let you mix and match:)  We went with the pepperoni (always the safety if one of us doesn’t like the others choice) and the mixed vegetable  pizza; both were delicious! For those of you wondering about the cost I think it was extremely reasonably priced, our entire meal which included 1 large pizza, a bottle of wine and 4 waters cost R$109 ($46.25 USD). Perfect for a romantic evening, or if you are just in the mood for pizza, enjoy an affordable meal while sitting outside in the garden of Pizzeria Mozzarello.
Pizzeria Mozzarello, Rua Padroeira, 40 | Cid Nova, Ilhabela, State of Sao Paulo 11630000, Brazil

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