Restaurante Zo Zo

ZoZo Restaurant

Obviously I have yet to visit Sugarloaf Mountain as you would have read about it by now.  We attempted a few times, but the line has been too insane, and I’m not that patient….Will get there this spring (Brazil is reversed so  NY Fall= Brazil Spring!) don’t worry!  Since we were already over there, we decided to ‘lupper‘ at Zo Zo Restaurant

The front windows and veranda of Zozô look out across a busy square at Praia Vermelha into the majestic profile of  Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf Mountain). On one side is the Naval Academy and on the other the cable car station, its a pretty incredible location.  From the floor a tree spreads its giant limbs out and up, through the roof providing a nice romantic setting.  Now head over and check out the food;  the buffet offers everything from sushi to varieties of grilled fish and then there is a separate feijoada bar offering all sorts of different kinds to try! FYI the salad selection is incredible!

photo: Pam Granoff

There is also a another dining room that once inside you feel like you are sitting in the middle of a wine cellar. Its fun, great for private events and they have a very large selection to choose from, so whatever you are in the mood for I am sure you will find the wine you want.

ZoHo Restaurant

Save room for dessert (I always do!).  The chocolate pudding is delectable, its a small portion (as you can see above), but it does the job, it was so delicious I practically licked the plate!  When you are heading over to explore Sugarloaf, go hungry and have lunch/dinner/ lupper whatever at Zo Zo Restaurante!

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