Praia do Curral in Ilhabela

pousada-villa-vittoriaPraia do Curral is a nice beach on the south side of Ilhabela lined with little restaurants.  As you can see the view is incredible with the mountains in the background and I can tell you that the water is crystal clear and warm (such a nice treat!).  This is the perfect beach for a vacation day, soaking up the sun, splashing around and seeing all the beautiful people.   To be blunt, you will see a lot of women with breast augmentation, by far the most I have seen in brazil.   Also you will see people with a lot of tattoos, even more than you would see at a Vegas pool party!
There are lots of little restaurants to choose from, all serving traditional Brazilian beach food i.e. fish, pastels, etc.  Overall the food is pretty inexpensive.  It cost us $40 USD for sausage with onions, yukka fries, 2sodas an 10 waters!
Most of the beaches have life guards; something not commonly seen in Brazil and the beaches tend to shut down around 6pm, so make sure you check the times where you are parking as you will have to pay a R$30 fine if you stay past the ‘closing’ time.

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