Karaoke + Sushi night in Sao Paulo

2014-01-11 01.16.08In New York when you decide or rather someone yells ‘let’s do karaoke’ there is a good chance you end up at SingSing in the East Village or Japas 38.  The benefit of SingSing is that you can get a private room with your friends (so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of of the entire place- at least that’s my case) or if you are brave  you have the option to belt one out to the entire room. In Sao Paulo if you are in the mood for a karaoke night you must go to Chopperia Liberdade.2014-01-11 01.17.00

As you can see from the picture above the decor is quite kitschy with lanterns, lights, streamers, fish tanks and signs decorating the spacious venue.  The bar features a spacious room in the back, full of pool tables (see below), there are booths in the front and a dance floor / karaoke stage in the center.   The kitchen is serving up whatever sushi you like (many come with cream cheese so read the menu carefully) and if you aren’t in the mood for sushi there is a nice selection of skewers.  2014-01-11 01.18.03All in all karaoke is the highlight of the house, with a huge selection of songs in Portuguese, English and Japanese. Everyone dances and sings along (it is a lot of fun) which is amazing to watch considering Chopperia Liberdade definitely has that sort of bright casino lighting, i.e it is way too bright and you completely lose track of time.  I went at 10pm and when I checked my phone it was after 2am! Perfect late night spot:) So enjoy drinking, dancing, playing pool and singing at Chopperia Liberdade!

 Chopperia Liberdade, Rua da Glória, 523 – Liberdade – Sao Paulo 

Open:Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday, from 7pm to 5am. Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 6am

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