Where to stay in Santiago

W Hotel roof

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the W Hotel in Santiago is the place to stay.  W Hotels are known around the world for their fresh design, trendy atmosphere and even in Chile you are able to frequent their popular Whisky Blue bar. The location is super convenient, right in the heart of the business center (making it the perfect business hotel) but also 3 blocks from 2 different subway lines making public transportation easily accessible.

2014-03-04 10.48.30There are of course several outstanding restaurants including Santiago’s famous Osaka which has been rated best restaurant in Chile by multiple publications (unfortunately didn’t get to try it on this trip- it’s closed on Sundays!).  Besides Osaka, the patio restaurant is quite nice serving a variety of delicious ceviches and other traditional Chilean treats, the buffet breakfast was very impressive but it was the wine and other amenities that caught my attention.2014-03-05 00.04.10 Check out this wine wall (above), there were 2 of them!! Next to the lounge is a beautiful white with dark wood wine tasting room (looks very fancy).  Taste a few wines before you head out to dinner, it was more fun then just grabbing a drink at the bar in the lounge. The pool (above) and sun deck area located on the top floor of the hotel is fabulous! The view is incredible (see first post) and the service was superb.  Of course I checked out the gym and was beyond impressed! It is actually a gym that people can pay to belong to so it was enormous; it had different weight areas, machines, rooms for classes and of course a full beautiful spa.  If you are thinking about visiting Santiago, check into the W for an amazing trip.

W Hotel,  Isidora Goyenechea 3000, Los Condes 7550653, Santiago, Chile

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    They also have an Osaka in Sao Paulo! http://osaka.com.pe/osaka-sao-paulo/


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