Best wine bar in Santiago: Bocanariz

2014-03-04 15.04.59I love wine bars, yes I am ‘that girl’ when we can’t finger out what to do for a night out my first suggestion is let’s go to a wine bar and figure out the rest from there.  Naturally, I wanted to visit the ‘Best Wine Bar in Santiago‘ while I was in town, Bocanariz Wine Bar, located in the heart of one of the most beautiful neighborhoods Lastarria. The street itself is very cute, so if it is nice out I recommend grabbing a seat outside or near one of the large windows; the restaurant area is a very airy.  Frequented by locals, tourists and wine lovers  there really is something for everyone.56-231843-4-bocanariz

The wine selection is extremely impressive with wines from all of Chile’s territories, styles, trends and diversity of wines, as Bocanariz believes it is important to showcase the grape varieties grown in Chile.  Their sommeliers have classified the wines according to style of wine that each one represents- some with great fruit expression, others more classic/complex,  wines from single vineyards, organic-biodynamic wines (the truest expression of a territory) and signature wines which are small handmade productions that represent the dream/vision of winemaker. There are 35 wines served by the glass, and many bottles to choose from.  If you are feeling more adventurous or in the mood to try a variety then I recommend having one of their ‘wine flights’  a tasting selection hosted by sommelier or visiting their underground cellar for an exclusive selection of vertical tasting.2014-03-04 15.04.48

Besides an overwhelming amount of Chilean wines Bocanariz is also an innovative restaurant where the cuisine has been designed to promote pairings with their extensive wine selection.  Finger foods, entrees, main courses, cheeses, meats and desserts can all be easily shared and every dish bursts with flavors created with the precise purpose of wine tasting. There is a nice selection of ceviche which was quite good and as you can see below the cheese and meet selection was delicious and paired nicely with the wines we tried.  FYI they offer a ‘festival of tapas’ for 159000 pecos which is prefect for 3-4 people to share. 2014-03-04 15.32.45

Before you leave check out Bocanariz Emporium their store selling more than 300 wines to take out and wine books, guides, cosmetics and accessories as well as teas, coffee blends and olive oils.

BOCANÁRIZ-  Jose Victorino Lastarria 276, Santiago-Centro Chile

Open Mon-sat 12-1230am, Sun 7-midnight

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