Guide to Wine Tasting in the Casablanca Valley, Chile (full overview!)

mapa ubicacion viñas

50 miles northwest of Santiago (a short 45 drive) you will enter the Casablanca wine valley where some of your favorite Chilean wines come from! There are lots of tours like Uncorked,, or  you can do it yourself….. As you can see from the map above there are a number of vineyards all within short driving distances, most of these vineyards have restaurants, shops, tastings, tours and even accommodations.  We decided to stumble around wine country on our own guided tour and I am so glad we did! Check out our adventure through 4 vineyards below:



1. We started at Emiliana, the largest organic vineyard in South America, where 12 million liters of wine are produced a year.  There were a number of tour options including bike rides and picnics as well as tastings with cheeses, chocolates or a full pairing meal. We went for the tasting menu of whites and reds to be paired with cheeses and chocolates (there were 2 additional red wines included). First let me tell you a little bit about Emiliana. In 2001 they produced the first wine in all of South America to be organic and biodynamic; this means that there is an absence of agrochemicals (pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers), and biodiversity which consists of encouraging the development and coexistence of different species within the same physical space or habitat. This is achieved through the use of biological corridors and associated crops.
“Wines made from grapes grown according to organic and biodynamic agriculture are healthier than those made from conventionally grown grapes because they contain no residues. They are wines that are made a better way, with practices that protect both the environment and the people who work in the process. They are also much more personal, unique wines that have more character of their own with more expression of their origins… that is the expression of terroir.” – Alvaro Espinozapairing tasting
Wines: Rose Adobe Reserve (superb, light and refreshing), Viognier  (pertumey, fruity- not my favorite), Syrah Novas (smooth), Coyam (their signature wine, my new favorite!), Ge (iconic first biodynamic and organic wine in Latin America in 1993, Ge means earth in Greek).
Chocolates: organic chocolate from equator with cheery, ginger, blueberry and pepper.
Cheeses: herbed, gouda, nuts and pesto.
Pairing notes: Rose– good with all of the cheeses and most chocolates, Ge perfect with the nut cheese, pesto cheese cherry chocolate and blueberry chocolate.  Coyam great with pesto, cherry chocolate and blueberry chocolate.  Everything tasted awful when paired with ginger.
I highly recommend doing the full tasting, we absolutely loved the wines and now know what they pair perfectly with so we can do it on our own.  Personal Favorite!
the house
2. The House: Right next to Emiliano The House  offers a huge selection of wines, olive oils and cooking seasonings.  The store is pretty big with tons of different wines.  We tasted in a few, not formal tasting style (more like at a liquor store when someone is doing a promotion).  There is a nice restaurant with outdoor seating which has received rave reviews.indomita3.  Indomita: When you are driving along the highway you will see it in the distance like a castle with a huge “INDOMITA” sign (like the Hollywood sign).  It is situated up on top of a hill so the views are amazing! You can see all of wine country.
View from Indomita

View from Indomita

The restaurant is airy and beautiful, it feels very fancy / high end, so you might want to wear something a little nicer.  The dishes are on the heavy side but they were quite good. indomita 2incomintaThe steak with goat cheese gnocchi risotto was good but the sea food was unreal, definitely go with the risotto.

Vila Mar

Vila Mar

4. Vina MarThis vineyard and main mansion is absolutely stunning. Located 80 km west of Santiago and 18 km from the Pacific Ocean, it is oriented to produce complex and original wines, under a modern oenological approach.
The winery is a state-of-the-art, modern winemaking facility, with a total capacity of 2,5 million liters. Viñamar also has the production capacity for more than 300.000 champagne bottles per year, using modern or traditional Champ noise winemaking methods.

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    How much are the tastings at the above wineries and do they require reservations or did you just show up? It’s hard to get specific information. Like you, we don’t want to go on a tour.

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