Fun House SP

funhouse-consolacao-2Set in an actual house, Funhouse is a unique mix of house party, bar, and mini-club.  the decoration is inspired by Coney Island in New York.  Personally, I think this is super random, I’ve been to Coney Island and besides the russian baths it’s not a place I would normally hang out at, plus Funhouse looks like a regular American carnival, I don’t see any resemblance to New York.IMG_1420_baixa-530x353

You see the bar immediately when you walk in (top picture), they have a pretty decent  list of shots and mixed drinks.  Downstairs behind the curtain (next to the bar), you’ll find a dance floor and stage area where you could find DJ’s or a band playing a variety  of music like electronic, pop anthems, hard rock, or funk carioca.  Upstairs is more of a lounge to hang out, waiters will serve your drinks as there is no bar up there. It is a random crowd from young to old, and the scene changes throughout the night, 3am and on being the  ‘prime time’.  The only real negative is that you have to pay (R$30 cover or R$60 with consumption) upstairs in order to leave, if it is crowded you could be there for a while (not ideal when you just want to end the night)
Fun House, Rua Bela Cintra, 567 – Consolação – São Paulo – SP

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