Where to stay in Porto de Galinhas


Looking for a nice and fun place to stay in the beautiful Porto de Galinhas (60km from Recife, about 1-1.5hour drive)  Head to Village Porto de Galinhas, with a great location, and fun amenities you will have a wonderful stay.  Village is located right on the beautiful beach of Porto de Galinhas the property is covered with hammocks, pools and tropical gardens full of  flowers and tamarins (native to the area).

<img src="village.jpg" alt="village" />

Stay in apartments with hammocks hanging from outside on the porch or in one of the 7 bungalows which are a little bigger and include a nice outdoor space facing the ocean with hammocks, lounge area and breakfast nook.<img src="village.jpg" alt="village" />

The pools are awesome! Nearly a thousand square meters of swimming pools for adults and children (it is very family friendly, but not in a crazy kid running all over the place kid of way), nets for pool soccer and basketball line the edges of one of the pools, there are three whirlpools, and their awesome thirty-nine interactive fountains (Think the scene with the kid running through the water fountains in Blank Check)- below.<img src="village.jpg" alt="village" />

In high season, this space serves as a venue for a weekly evening shows with popular ballet, evoking the Pernambuco Carnival and all its rhythms. There is a night club, the Paranambuco Disco Bar. Every Thursday they have a show; Shall We Dance? Starting with love & swing following with American classics and ending with Latin Tango Mania. From 22:00.  When we were there, there was live music and dancers, it was fun and they got everyone in the place to samba!

Other perks that Village has to offer: lots of hammocks for those looking to relax, tennis courts for those looking to stay active, outdoor massages, ping pong tables, and a kids theater

<img src="village.jpg" alt="village" />

There are 2 restaurants, one serving a traditional buffet breakfast filled with fresh fruit, breads, omelet/tapioca station each morning and a buffet at night, the other you can order a la cart and has a wide variety of seafood dishes and traditional Brazilian fair. Our first night we had the grilled fish with shrimp filled tomato sauce (above) which was delicious.  The dinner buffet was not my favorite, so stick to the a la cart.

<img src="village.jpg" alt="village" />

Having fun playing in the water

The Negative: We visited during the World Cup and the occupancy was high; therefore, the Internet connectivity was weak during peak hours. The hotels drivers wanted to charge us R$160 to transport us back to Recife, thankfully found a Taxi with some negotiating only charged us R$60.

Overall, we really enjoyed our time at Village, the location is ideal, only 10 mins from town by car or 30min walk on the beach, the pools were great I would recommend staying here if you are planning a trip to Porto de Galinhas or if you are in Recife and want to get out for a bit.

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