Healthy food on the go: Market Ipanema

imageWhen living in Rio, Market Ipanema was one of my ‘go to’ spots for a good salad in a nice atmosphere (they had an outdoor garden area).  On my last trip to Rio I discovered that they replaced their casual dining scene moving to a smaller location to position themselves as a healthy gourmet ‘grab and go’ establishment, something not very common in Brazil.  I was shocked at how ‘Americanized’ Market had become.  2014-11-07 14.19.23
Now you can grab delicious (and organic) meals on the go!  There is a hot food section (above) which offers a variety of quiches, soups and dishes that are reasonably priced around $8-$14.2014-11-07 14.18.05

There is also an assortment of cold dishes like their signature salads, yogurts, fruits ets as well as a large selection of juices. Don’t worry, if you’re starving and cant wait till you get home there is a small sitting area/bar inside or you can walk 2 blocks to the park.  The ‘new’ Market doesn’t feel like Brazil in a good way.  It was very efficient and priced appropriately…two things you will never hear in Rio so it was definitely a welcomed surprise.

Market Ipanema, Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 452

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