Zipline and White Water Tubing Adventure in Guanacaste


For those of you who have been reading my blog for some time it is no secret… I love zip lines! If there is a zip line wherever I am traveling in the world…I will find it!  If you are staying in Guanacaste you MUST do the Canyon tour at Guachipelin.  This a day full of different action packed activities that will blow your mind and yes it is awesome for all ages.  I highly recommend getting the full day pass ($75/per person) which includes white water tubing, horse back riding (we skipped this), zip lines, rapelling, Tarzan swing, rock climbing, 2 water falls and a visit to the hot springs!  Sounds awesome right?! So I’m going to breakdown each of the exhilarating parts of your day starting with the Rio Negro Tubing Adventurerafting 1

First off, you must wear Tevas, aqua socks or sneakers (no flip flops) if you’re like me and the last time you wore a pair of Tevas was at sleep away camp many years ago (I’m not telling you how many years!) you can buy a pair of aqua socks at the main desk for $20.  As a group you pile into a van that takes you to where all the equipment is,have the usual safety briefing and then walk to the foot of the Victoria Waterfall where the tubing adventure begins.  This was legit white water tubing on class 3 rapids, you will get bounced and turned around, and drop over a few waterfalls- it is an absolute blast! tarzan1

It’s pretty clear… I have done a lot of zip lines: full ropes course style, through rain forests and even directly into the ocean. This zip line course was something completely different than anything I have ever done and it rocked! The adventure takes place in a majestic canyon created by the erosion of the Rio Blanco river over a million years.  You start with 4-6 regular awesome zips across the Forrest, then fly directly next to a waterfall which is pretty incredible.  When you get to that landing you might be a bit confused (this was something I had never seen), on the edge of the platform facing the waterfall is a slide (like you would see in a playground) but it has been cut in half… once you are hooked in you actually slide down the slide down the half slide over the waterfall canyon.  Don’t be surprised if you get that ‘I’m on a roller coaster about to drop feeling’.  I tried out the batman style of flying which I was surprised wasn’t my favorite.  My new favorite mode of zip lining- going upside down (I know it sounds crazy but wow what a rush, I can’t wait to do it again!repelIn between one of the canyons you have to repel down the canyon and then rock climb you way back up to the next platform.  This was my fist time rappelling (shocking right?!), not as scary as I had expected and now I’m looking forward to doing it again.  Check out the Video HERE The Tarzan swing will really blow your mind as you pretend you are Tarzan literally swinging over a canyon– yes it was insane!!  Truly one of the most beautiful experiences I have had as you are surrounded by to much beauty.  In total there are 12 zip line cables, 24 platforms, 2 climbing walls, a hanging bridge, via ferrata (rappel) and the amazing Tarzan swing. rock climb

Next stop…the hot springs! Check back in

Hacienda Guachipelín, Rincon de la Vieja National Park, Las Pailas

Open daily from 8am to 5pm

 FYI: Children must be at least 8 years old, or 1.30 meters tall (4.3 feet tall) to go on the tubing adventure.

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